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Jughead's Basement
Monthly examination of records that are important to me.
Category: Alternative
Location: Chicago, IL
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Every month, we will examine a different record that I find important to me, and also hear about why it's important to you.

by John "Jughe...
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February 01, 2013 05:00 PM PST

In this episode, John and friends put Operation Ivy's Energy LP under the microscope. Featuring pieces by Tim Stafford, Joe Jacob, Bradley Adita, Matt Ellin, Connor Kalista, and Sonja Amazonka.

Also, interviews with Operation Ivy's lead vocalist Jesse Michaels, and Lookout Records co-founder Larry Livermore.


01. Knowledge (Intro by John Jughead Pierson)

02. Sound System (Jesse Michaels Interview)

03. Jaded (Tim Stafford)

04. Take Warning (Larry Livermore Interview)

05. The Crowd (Joe Jacob)

06. Bombshell (Bradley Adita)

07. Unity (Matt Ellin)

08. Vulnerability (Jesse Michaels Interview)

09. Bankshot (Larry Livermore Interview)

10. One Of These Days (John Jughead Pierson)

11. Gonna Find You (Jesse Michaels Interview)

12. Bad Town (Connor Kalista Part I)

13. Smiling (Larry Livermore Interview)

14. Caution (Jesse Michaels Interview)

15. Freeze Up (Sonja Amazonka)

16. Artificial Life (Jesse Michaels Interview)

17. Room Without A Window (Jesse Michaels)

18. Big City (Connor Kalista Part II)

19. Missionary (Larry Livermore Interview)

Last Question (Jesse Michaels Interview)

The Cast

Jesse Michaels: was the lead singer and songwriter for Operation Ivy. His other bands have included Common Rider and Classics Of Love. He is now working on a novel to be released sometime this year.

Tim Stafford: is a Chicago writer, performer, husband, and Father. He can be seen regularly with the Chicago based The Encyclopedia Show.

Larry Livermore: is the founder of Lookout Records. He has also written for Maximum Rock N Roll. He is also working on a book. And has a website with much writing: www.larrylivermore.com

Joe Jacob: is a professional motion graphics animator living in Chicago. He also engages in various forms of writing, the results of which tend to toil in obscurity and fuel his narcissistic martyr complex.

Bradley Adita: is a punk house survivor, juggler of miscellania, publisher of A Day In The Air zine, and "Head Butthead" at Pop Punk Dot Com.

Matt Ellin: is the youngest writer we have had on this podcast, 13 Years Old! He discovered punk rock and its various offshoots a few years ago through exposure to The Ramones and The Sex Pistols, and it’s changed his life for better or worse. He immediately took to singing (And more recently playing bass) in bands. He listened to punk rock religiously and studied its stories. As a musician, He has no desire to be generic and he wants to do things in punk that haven’t been done. As a writer, he likes to bring new ideas and philosophies into the scene.

Connor Kalista: was born and raised in Texas. After he finished school there and abroad, he lived in Chicago, where he worked in museums and made lots of theater. Mostly with the Neo-Futurists but also with Theater Oobleck, Plasticene and Schadenfreude. He now lives in Brooklyn where he works as a film and video editor and most recently completed work on Without Shepherds, a documentary about Pakistan that will premiere at the 2013 Slamdance Film Festival. He is currently at work on a documentary about Somali pirates. He still makes theater and in 2011, he co-created and performed with the New York Neo Futurists in the Drama Desk nominated production, The Complete and Condensed Stage Directions on Eugene O’Neill, Volume One: Early Plays/Lost Plays. He still goes to lots of live shows and wishes he had more time to draw.

Sonja Amazonka: Sonja always felt that there was something inherently wrong with the world, and was happy to discover likeminded people in the Belgrade punk scene when she was a teenager. Punk rock inspired her to try and understand society and the way in which people make it up in their heads, thus she became a social anthropologist. Sometimes, when she’s not too busy writing academic papers, she writes short fiction. She is certain that her voice sounds more nasal when she’s speaking English.

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December 28, 2012 05:00 PM PST

On this episode, John and friends examine the Minutemen's 1983 release, Double Nickels On The Dime. Featuring contributions from Emma Casey, Douglas O'Rourke, Bob Stockfish, Eric T. Roth, Steve Walker, and Mike Yannich, and featuring interviews with Mike Watt & Dirk Vandenberg.

Part two is available here, and it includes the final two sides of the record, better known as Side George and Side Chaff.

Side George

01. "You Need the Glory" - Eric
02. The Roar of the Masses Could Be Farts" - Bob
03. "Mr. Robot's Holy Orders" - Emma
04. "West Germany" - John
05. "The Politics of Time" - Dirk Vandenberg
06. "Themselves" - Emma
07. "Please Don't Be Gentle with Me" - Steve
08. Nothing Indeed" Watt
09. "No Exchange" Dirk Vandenberg
10. "There Ain't Shit on T.V. Tonight" - Bob
11. "This Ain't No Picnic" - Douglas
12. "Spillage" (Watt) – Eric

Side Chaff

01. "Untitled Song for Latin America" - John
02. "Jesus and Tequila" - Eric
03. "June 16th"- Watt
04. "Storm in My House"- Emma
05. "Martin's Story" - Mike Yannich
06. "Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love" - Steve
07. "Dr. Wu" - Douglas
08. "Little Man with a Gun in His Hand" - Steve
09. "The World According to Nouns" - Bob
10. "Love Dance" - John & Mike Watt



December 28, 2012 05:00 PM PST

On this episode, John and friends examine the Minutemen's 1983 release, Double Nickels On The Dime. Featuring contributions from Emma Casey, Douglas O'Rourke, Bob Stockfish, Eric T. Roth, Steve Walker, and Mike Yannich, and featuring interviews with Mike Watt & Dirk Vandenberg.

Part one is available here, and it includes the first two sides of the record, better known as Side D. and Side Mike.

Side D.

01. "Anxious Mo-Fo" - John
02. "Theatre Is the Life of You" - Emma
03. "Viet Nam" - Steve
04. "Cohesion" - Eric
05. "It's Expected I'm Gone" - Douglas
06. "#1 Hit Song" - Bob
07. "Two Beads at the End" - John
08. "Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want the Truth?" - Emma
09. "Don't Look Now" - Eric
10. "Shit from an Old Notebook - Douglas
11. "Nature Without Man" - Steve
12. "One Reporter's Opinion - Watt

Side Mike

01. "Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing" - Watt
02. "Maybe Partying Will Help" - Douglas
03. "Toadies" - Steve
04. "Retreat" - Emma
05. "The Big Foist" - Mike Yannich
06. "God Bows to Math" - Douglas
07. "Corona" - Eric
08. "The Glory of Man" - Bob
09. "Take 5, D." - Watt
10. "My Heart and the Real World" - Watt
11. "History Lesson - Part II" - Bob



October 26, 2012 03:01 PM PDT

In this months edition, John examines Screeching Weasel's My Brain Hurts.

Featuring pieces from Kevin Prested, Chris Fields, Andrea Manges, Tim Staffod, Massimiliano Giorgini, Jim Testa, Kyle Kinane, Dan Telfer, Robb Q. Telfer, and Kody Templeman.

Also featuring interviews with Dan Vapid, Dan Panic, and Larry Livermore.

In addition, for the rest of the month of October, you can get the digital version of John's book, The Last Temptation of Clarence Odbody, for free. Simply click the link below, and then write a review.


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September 28, 2012 05:00 PM PDT

Jughead's Basement

Episode 01: The Repo Man Soundtrack

With special guests: Molly Brennan, Graham Rae, Stephen Walker, Matt O'Neill, Mike Watt, Danny Thompson, Joe Spadaro, Gregory S. Allen, and Eric T Roth.

With music from both Repo Man soundtracks and other bands and people influenced by this 1980's gem.

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